What is Artificial Streaming?

Artificial streaming refers to the manipulation of streaming platforms like Spotify through non-organic methods that do not reflect genuine user listening intent. This includes boosted play counts through automated, deceptive, fraudulent, or other invalid means, such as digital bots, scripts, "click farms," or payment for playlist placement.

Beware of Shady Marketing Companies

When it comes to promoting your music release, you might encounter marketing companies offering guaranteed playlist placements, streams, listeners, and subscribers. While these offers may initially seem legitimate, most of these companies employ shady marketing schemes that could harm your music career. They utilize bot-farms to artificially inflate your stream count, which ultimately results in no achievements, but put your entire career at risk.

Efforts to Combat Artificial Streaming

Our streaming partners are continuously investing resources to enhance their platforms' ability to detect and prevent artificial streaming activities. This commitment creates a fair environment for all artists.

Learn more about how Spotify combat artificial streaming activity.

It is essential for artists to prioritize genuine engagement and organic growth to build a sustainable and successful music career. Avoiding artificial streaming practices not only ensures your integrity as an artist but also contributes to a healthier and fair music ecosystem.


Engaging in any non-organic activity related to your music release is strictly prohibited by our distribution partners and Freshtunes. Such actions will lead to your music catalog being taken down and even result in a permanent block on streaming platforms.

In short, never pay for guaranteed streams, listeners, followers, or playlist placements. In the vast majority of cases - this is a fraud.

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